Luxunaire is a UK based online boutique selling pre-loved authentic luxury goods. We deal with a variety of products including bags, clothes, shoes and accessories. 

We have a 100% authenticity guarantee and all our products go through authentication checks by our specialist team. 

In addition, our products go through a cleaning and sanitation process making it perfect for when it reaches you.  

We're all about slow fashion. We love the idea of upcycling items and housing them to new owners who will cherish them. We want to encourage people to buy pre-loved, allowing you to buy high quality items to last you through the years, without the price tag of buying retail.

Even better. Once you no longer want the item, due to its high quality you can then also resell, giving another person the chance to love your luxury item. We also offer a service where you can sell your designer items with us!

Our team has over 10 years expertise, so rest assured you can trust Luxunaire when buying and selling your luxury designer pieces.

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